Forevr teamed up with OG Esports and Red Bull Gaming to create a custom streaming room tailored specifically for n0tail; one of the most celebrated esports athletes in the world.

We worked closely with n0tail to design a space that matched his personality and desires, while Red Bull’s production team brought the vision to life in his Sunflower House in Portugal.

After completing the gaming room, Red Bull produced commercials showcasing the space, and Forevr spearheaded a full-scale marketing campaign on n0tail’s behalf, including the hero video assets and promotion across his social platforms.

Throughout the project, Forevr acted as n0tail’s management, ensuring a seamless partnership experience.

Partners in this project

Red bull

Throughout the project, our main objective was to fulfill n0tail’s vision of an extraordinary gaming room while simultaneously engaging a global audience through effective promotion. We employed various channels, including social media platforms, YouTube, Twitch, and personal websites, to maximize the outreach.

Our promotional efforts yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by the key performance metrics. The marketing campaign for n0tail’s Red Bull Gaming Room achieved an impressive 2 million impressions, underscoring the succesful efforts of our collaboration and the extensive visibility garnered through our promotional endeavors.

Moreover, the accomplishments attained through the cooperation of Forevr, OG Esports, Red Bull Gaming, and n0tail himself are worth highlighting. This fruitful alliance serves as a testament to our prowess in uniting industry leaders and orchestrating memorable experiences for esports athletes and their loyal fanbase.

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