Me, Myself, Online

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, Martin Jensen aimed to bring live music and festival vibes to people across the globe. The Me, Myself, Online tour included 8 spectacular events held at historic and unique sites in Denmark, such as Parken, Billund Airport, AKKC in Aalborg, F363 Niels Juel frigate, Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning, Forest Tower, Hjejlen in Silkeborg, and the Maldives’ Finolhu. Each event featured custom productions, fireworks, and light shows, with a dedicated stream team managing the broadcast.

Partners in this project

Red bull

Combining Worlds

Drawing upon our extensive gaming industry know-how, Forevr facilitated Martin Jensen’s seamless foray into the realm of Twitch-based music performances. This led to an overwhelming viewership, setting a precedent for similar initiatives. Subsequent to these online events, and in response to easing global restrictions, the ‘Me, Myself, Live’ events took place, attracting over 3000 attendees at venues like AKKC in Aalborg and Falkoner Salen in Copenhagen.

Throughout the 8 shows, Me, Myself, Online secured the 10th spot for the most-watched event within gaming and music on Twitch, with 1.5 million viewers and more than 40,000 concurrent viewers per show. It furthermore made national news in Denmark and made worldwide waves.

Our Objectives

The overarching objectives and goals of the campaign were to establish a global community and movement around live music during the pandemic, providing a much-needed dose of entertainment, while also enhancing the brand presence of Martin Jensen. Primarily aimed at live music enjoyers, young adults, teenagers, and festival enthusiasts, the project utilized Twitch as well as Martin Jensen’s social platforms as the main channels for reaching out to and engaging with the target audience.

One of the key indicators of the project’s success was “Me, Myself, Online” securing the 10th spot among the most-watched events across Gaming & Music on Twitch, amassing a staggering 1.5 million viewers and surpassing 40,000 Concurrent Channel Viewers (CCV). This accomplishment not only underscored the effectiveness of the campaign but also served to redefine standards for music on Twitch. So much so, that the platform began to use the event as a benchmark for future music shows.

One of the noteworthy achievements of the initiative was the successful involvement of Red Bull in the events, orchestrated by Forevr. This collaboration added an extra layer of credibility and outreach, positioning the online events as not just a temporary diversion during the pandemic, but as a potential new paradigm for live music and entertainment.


In summary, the ‘Me, Myself, Online’ project showcased how digital platforms can revolutionize the live music experience, especially in challenging times. The impressive viewership and success of these events underline the importance of adaptability, innovation, and strategic collaborations.
Forevr and Martin Jensen’s initiative has not only set a new benchmark for online music performances on Twitch, but also demonstrated the untapped potential of cross-industry collaborations in expanding audiences and enhancing brand visibility. This pioneering approach serves as a blueprint for future strategies in the evolving landscape of live entertainment.

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