Agge's Stadium

When Agge joined the Forevr family, we knew we had to create something extraordinary for his audience.

In addition to revitalize his visual identity, we aimed to build a unique streaming experience for his viewers, unlike anything they’ve seen before. With this vision in mind, we developed a custom 3D-stadium that serves as the backdrop for Agge’s streams.

The stadium features banners showcasing Agge’s now previous team, Astralis, and his sponsors, immersing viewers in a truly authentic esports atmosphere.

To generate excitement around Agge’s new streaming experience, Forevr produced a captivating trailer, countdown videos, and custom animations, all designed to hype up the launch of Agge’s Twitch stream.

Our mission was twofold. First, to redefine the Twitch streaming landscape by creating an unparalleled streaming experience for Agge’s audience. Secondly, to orchestrate a launch event that would leave a lasting impression and solidify Agge’s position on Twitch.

Target Audience: Primarily, we were reaching out to dedicated FIFA fans and esports enthusiasts.

We employed a comprehensive media strategy involving all available channels. However, Twitch was our focal point, acting as the platform for the grand reveal of Agge’s new streaming setup.

To capture the scope of this campaign, the project showcase included a variety of assets including the captivating trailer, stimulating animations, and other exclusive content encapsulating the intricate work that went into Agge’s stadium launch.

This project symbolizes Forevr’s dedication to innovation in the esports and gaming industry, illustrating our commitment to not only meet the expectations of our audiences but to continuously redefine them. With projects like Agge’s stadium, we continue to demonstrate that we are not just observers in this space, but pioneers who are shaping the future of esports content.

The Stadium

Our vision was to recreate the heart-pounding excitement of a real-life soccer match. So, we conceptualized and designed a custom 3D-stadium, serving as Agge’s personal streaming battleground. This stadium, digitally realized, was complete with the waving banners of Agge’s now former team, Astralis, and his sponsors, setting the stage for a soccer showdown that transcended the virtual boundaries of Twitch.

With the launch of Agge’s new Twitch stream, the engagement rates exceeded all our initial projections. The audience was captivated by the realistic stadium experience, expressing their excitement across social media platforms and on Twitch. The launch day saw record-breaking viewership numbers for Agge and marked a significant rise in new followers.

In the days following the launch, Agge’s stream continued to experience significant growth. With an average viewer increase of 80%, the community around Agge’s channel was more vibrant and engaging than ever. The positive comments and increased audience interaction were testaments to the success of the project – to create a one-of-a-kind streaming experience that truly resonated with Agge’s fans.

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