Bridging Music, Gaming, and Technology

In an era of limited live events and social distancing, Forevr saw an opportunity to create a unique and immersive online experience that would combine the thrill of gaming, the energy of live music, and the power of innovative technology. Our mission led us to form strategic partnerships with world-renowned gaming hardware manufacturer Razer, global esports festival organizer Dreamhack, and internationally acclaimed DJ Martin Jensen.

The first stage of this ambitious endeavor involved a partnership with Razer during the “Me, Myself, Online” shows. Razer’s high-performance gaming products were crucial in providing an uncompromised, high-quality online streaming experience. The collaboration was further elevated through exclusive unboxing and promotional video content, effectively demonstrating Razer’s commitment to gamers and the wider esports audience.

Partners in this project

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Razer Dreamhack Martin Jensen

The project took an exciting turn when Forevr successfully bridged the gap between gaming and music, positioning Martin Jensen in this innovative landscape. Forevr facilitated a unique partnership between Martin Jensen and Razer, bringing an added musical dimension to the gaming-focused content, further engaging with our diverse audience.

As the project evolved, Forevr saw an opportunity to extend the reach and impact of this cross-industry collaboration. By teaming up with Dreamhack, Forevr aimed to create a grand finale for our online journey, a live event that would encapsulate the essence of esports and music.

The climax of this groundbreaking initiative was the Dreamhack online festival, featuring an exclusive performance by Martin Jensen. This event represented the successful realization of Forevr’s vision of combining music, gaming, and technology to deliver a memorable digital experience.

Our Objectives

  1. To empower the “Me, Myself, Online” streaming experience with Razer’s high-quality gaming technology.
  2. To produce engaging promotional content showcasing Razer’s cutting-edge products.
  3. To create a symbiotic relationship between music and gaming with Martin Jensen.
  4. To partner with Dreamhack to maximize the project’s reach and impact.

Target Audience: Gamers, music enthusiasts, esports fans, and individuals interested in innovative technology worldwide.

Main Channels and Platforms Used: Twitch for live streams, YouTube/Instagram/Twitter for unboxing and promotional videos and regular updates and teasers.

Notable Achievements: A successful partnership with Razer during the “Me, Myself, Online” series, the creation of captivating content, a pioneering collaboration between Martin Jensen and Razer, and the organization of a major online event in partnership with Dreamhack.


In summary, the collaboration of Forevr with Razer, Martin Jensen, and Dreamhack has been a hallmark project that showcases our ability to bridge industries and create unforgettable experiences. We kicked off this endeavor by integrating Razer’s top-tier gaming technology into the “Me, Myself, Online” streaming series, where we took online entertainment to the next level.

Expanding on this foundation, we brought music into the mix with internationally renowned DJ Martin Jensen, crafting a unique intersection of gaming and music for our audience. This partnership not only enhanced the entertainment value but also demonstrated capacity to form strategic collaborations.

The culmination of this project was the successful coordination of the Dreamhack online event, featuring Martin Jensen’s exclusive performance. The event encapsulated our vision of creating an immersive digital experience that brings together gaming, music, and technology in a seamless blend.

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