Jaxstyle's Artist Debut

Jaxstyle has reached a level of success where he can confidently call himself Denmark’s biggest content creator.

With this in mind, Forevr drew upon its deep knowledge of the music industry to launch Jaxstyle as an artist, positioning him as Denmark’s answer to the UK’s KSI.

Through hard work and leveraging Forevr’s extensive network, we secured an unprecedented 30-show tour announcement for Jaxstyle; a first in Denmark’s music scene.

As Jaxstyle’s music career takes off, major deals and collaborations are already in the works, setting the stage for him to become one of Denmark’s most prominent artists.

Key Objectives and Goals

Our primary objective was to leave a lasting impression on the Danish music industry and establish a solid foundation for Jaxstyle’s career as an artist. To achieve this, we targeted music industry professionals, fans of electronic music, DJs, and artists as our key audience.

We leveraged all major social media platforms as our primary channels to reach and engage with our target audience effectively.

The tour announcement generated widespread discussion within Denmark’s music industry, indicating a significant impact. It is worth noting that a 30-show tour announcement for an artist without any released music was unprecedented in Denmark, demonstrating the exceptional anticipation and excitement surrounding Jaxstyle’s career.


more than just a dj

Combining the talent of Jaxstyle with Forevr’s creativity and making him a serious artist has been a huge success.

The concept of turning a person as talented as Jaxstyle into an artist who tours Denmark has been nothing short of extraordinary. Being able to captivate audiences through this innovative career transition has created a new wave of excitement, and showcased the power of creativity combined with the right management here at Forevr.

The decision to leverage his existing fanbase and digital presence and combine it with his newfound reach through DJing will prove to be an investment that lasts long into the future for him as a brand.

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