Since Nikolaj ‘niko’ Kristensen’s CS:GO-career kicked off in 2016 he’s been competing on the highest international level. Niko’s team-oriented playing style and exceptional in-game intelligence make up for a deadly combination – his tournament achievements are a testament to that. Additionally, niko played a key part when his former team – Heroic – claimed the number one spot as the world’s best CS:GO-team in late 2020.

“Hold the vision, trust the process”

Who Niko works with

Red bull


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Achievements Paris Major 2023ScorePrice
Year2021PositionRifleTierA-TierEventSpring Sweet Spring #2Score2-1Price40000$
Year2020PositionRifleTierB-TierEventLOOT.BET/CS Season 6Score2-0Price30000$
Year2020PositionRifleTierB-TierEvent#HomeSweetHome: Week 5Score2-0Price30000$
Year2020PositionRifleTierS-TierEventESL One: Cologne 2020 Online - EuropeScore3-0Price150000$
Year2020PositionRifleTierA-TierEventDreamHack Open Fall 2020Score3-2Price33000$
Year2019PositionRifleTierA-TierEventDreamHack Open Summer 2019Score2-0Price50000$
Year2018PositionRifleTierS-TierEventFACEIT Major: London 2018ScorePrice
Year2018PositionRifleTierS-TierEventDreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018Score2-1Price100000$
Year2017PositionRifleTierB-TierEventWorld Cyber Arena 2017 - Europe Main StageScore2-1Price26200$
Year2016PositionRifleTierA-TierEventInternational Gaming League 2016 - Grand FinalsScore3-1Price43000$
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