From his battle station, Glorious_E persistently provides top-shelf entertainment. Clearly, his 190K Twitch-followers and ever growing viewership is a vouch for this. By engaging in both deep- and lighthearted topics, the Escape from Tarkov streamer meets his audience eye-to-eye. Since the former PUBG-professional turned to streaming, he’s grown to be one of Twitch’s most recognised EFT creators – and shows no signs of slowing down!

“We Will Win Baba”


GFUEL - White


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14 k.
Engagement rate: 6%
318 k.
Avg. viewers 4 k.
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Avg. views 8 k.
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Likes 363 k.

Navigating Tarkov's Chaos with Skill and Strategy

Glorious_E is a renowned Escape from Tarkov streamer known for his tactical gameplay and engaging streams. With his deep understanding of the game and his ability to tackle the most complex in-game situations, he has gained a strong follower base. His ability to balance entertainment with skillful gameplay makes him an influential figure in the Tarkov streaming community.

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