Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander, is widely considered one of the greatest IGLs in the modern era of Counter-Strike and for years he’s been piling trophies, hereby manifesting his childhood visions and making them a reality. Gla1ve’s accomplishments are numerous and, in many cases, even historic – particularly the 4 major championship victories with Astralis. Three of these being back-to-back!

“Life consist not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well”




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Year2019Position1stTierS-TierEventBLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019Score2 : 0Price$350,000
Year2019Position1stTierS-TierEventStarLadder Berlin Major 2019Score2 : 0Price$500,000
Year2019Position1stTierS-TierEventIntel Extreme Masters XIII - Katowice Major 2019Score2 : 0Price$500,000
Year2018Position1stTierS-TierEventIntel Grand Slam Season 1Score4/4Price$1,000,000
Year2018Position1stTierS-TierEventFACEIT Major: London 2018Score2 : 0Price$500,000
Year2018Position1stTierS-TierEventELEAGUE CS:GO Premier 2018Score2 : 0Price$500,000
Year2018Position1st TierS-TierEventESL Pro League Season 7 - FinalsScore3 : 1Price$250,000
Year2017Position1stTierShowmatchEventELEAGUE Clash or Cash: The RematchScore2 : 1Price$500,000
Year2016Position1st TierS-TierEventEsports Championship Series Season 2 - FinalsScore2 : 0Price$250,000
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