Recognized as one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most prominent and progressive strategists, Swedish born Fabian ‘Fabian’ Hällsten is a success story in his own right. Leading by the catchphrase ‘the team before yourself’, Fabian has already managed to secure 3 Major Championship trophies – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By way of Fabian’s restless determination and goal-oriented mindset more victories are expected to follow!

“I’m still the best player in the world, I love lion more than I love myself and you can call me the god emperor”


G2 Esports


25 k.
Engagement rate: 8%
121 k.
Tweets 6 k.


Year2019Position1stTierS-TierEventSix Invitational 2019Score3:0Price800.000$
Year2018Position1stTierS-TierEventSix Invitational 2018Score3:2Price200.000$
Year2018Position1stTierS-TierEventSix Major Paris 2018Score3:0Price150.000$
Year2018Position1stTierS-TierEventPro League Season 8 - FinalsScore2:0Price75.000$
Year2018Position1stTierA-TierEventDreamHack Winter 2018Score2:1Price25.000$
Year2017Position1stTierS-TierEventPro League Year 2 Season 2 - FinalsScore2:0Price75.000$
Year2017Position1stTierS-TierEventPro League Year 2 Season 1 - FinalsScore2:0Price75.000$
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